#When you use docker run to start a container, it actually creates a new container 
#based on the image you have specified.
#you can restart an existing container after it exited and your changes are still there.
docker start f357e2faab77 # restart it in the background
docker attach f357e2faab77 # reattach the terminal & stdin

#Preparing a private registry
#For windows docker 1.13
#initiate session
docker-machine ssh default
vi /var/lib/boot2docker/profile
#and put this params
--label provider=virtualbox
#restart docker-machine restart default

#for dockerD in windows
#in windows dockerd resides inside the virtual machine, you have to enter in session. Version 1 of docker-toolbox.
#if you want to tweak some configuration, you have to create the file: 
sudo touch /etc/docker/daemon.json
#locate the pid of the dockerd daemon process
ps -uxa|grep dockerd
#kill by reloading its new config
kill -SIGHUP pidOfDockerd
#more options in


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