Notes in Informix

#in squirrel you can disable the colon character of parameters inline request by unloading the plugin sqlparam

#enter in interactive mode only commands
#ctrl+d for closing the program
dbaccess - -

#command to connect a DB inside to dbaccess - -:
database your_db;

#import only the schemas of the database
dbschema -t all -d sicobf3 -nw -q -ns dboutput3.txt

#schema data model of sysmaster

#list databases
select * from sysmaster:sysdatabases;

#create database in informix with support of autocommit in jdbc
create database sicobf3 with log;

#Below are to know how was set the variables from your client, especially the date format
SELECT      envses_name, envses_value
FROM        sysmaster:sysenvses
WHERE       envses_name IN (
            AND envses_sid = DBINFO('sessionid')
ORDER BY    DECODE(envses_name,
                'DBDATE',           0,
                'GL_DATE',          1,
                'CLIENT_LOCALE',    2
SELECT * FROM        sysmaster:sysenvses WHERE   envses_sid = DBINFO('sessionid');
SELECT  env_name, env_value FROM    sysmaster:sysenv WHERE   env_name = 'DBDATE';
SELECT  CURRENT::DATE FROM    sysmaster:sysdual;
SELECT  TODAY FROM    sysmaster:sysdual;

#set properties in the jdbc driver of informix, in this case GL_DATE since DBDATE is deprecated
#or with DBDATE=MDY4

#to know the current database used
select * from sysmaster:syssqlcurses

#to know the version of the DB
SELECT  DBINFO('version','full') FROM    sysmaster:sysdual;

#To know the schema of a table in informix:
dbschema -d DB_sicobf3 -t Table_t5641rstockestab

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